(We Got) Power (feat. Ethos)

from by TASHA



Ride that whip on over to me
haven’t seen you in a minute homie all the possibilities we got
to make this world shine
You and I
we are infinite come sit with it
feel those vibrations
feel how we radiate that hope and salvation
babies be depending on us we finna save them
liberate them
rid this world of all subjugation

We got power
We got power
We got power
Black power
(repeat 2x)

And we got love

They try to make us hate each other
They try to make us hate ourselves
But we be fighting strong together
ancestors watching on, they watching on forever
They can’t take away our love
They can’t take away our creativity
They can’t take away our resilience
Our ability to rise up defy all reality


This a Black familial act
bursting with raw melanin from freedom feet to nigga naps
Our energy frequencies infinite
we the beginning middle and the end
middle passage in our stomachs built the country on our backs
Hips, lips, thighs remind me of Black Girl Magic
passion power to the people in our earth-toned fashion
got a spiritual attachment
sacred sun-kissed skin
booming rhythm
seeping through us
Ancestors smiling we some Black love warriors
innovative anti-system ain’t no controlling us
resourceful, hyper vulnerable
in tune with the Earth and the spirits that’s informing us
to pimp a butterfly everyting’ll turn out glorious
Love locs and box braids sage burning on the stereo
sit firm with our roots
give all praises to above
Black is human
Black Power
most important
Black Love


I believe that we will win
I believe that we will win


from Divine Love EP, released March 21, 2016



all rights reserved


TASHA Chicago, Illinois

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