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I love you
No what I mean to say is
I really really really really like you
No what I mean to say is
when the sun beats down right across your face
it’s a really good way for me to forget the day ahead of me
I’m not sure
No what I mean to say is
this feels different than all the times before
No what I mean to say is
it’s the way you sigh out the sounds of my name
again and again just the same

I’m not worried I promise nothings wrong
Smile so special got me singing all night long
Sleepy, silly this girl can’t keep her cool
‘round this kind of magic can’t be nothing but a fool
(for your love)

What I mean to say dear, is maybe you can stay here
doesn’t have to be forever things just feel a little more clear
with you around
Lets go out and dance
or maybe take a nap
don’t bother with that extra stuff just come over and eat a couple snacks one day
help me clean my room, we can get away
Get away from the strife and the trouble
we can get away
Get away from all this cold we can cuddle
we can get away, get away


from Divine Love EP, released March 21, 2016



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TASHA Chicago, Illinois

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