Divine Love (feat. KB)

from by TASHA



I want a song that’s gonna tell me I can love myself
but not for the purpose of being better at loving someone else
Got all this light around me but I can’t see it through this haze
of my own insecurity
This fear in me
that I can’t glow from the inside out
but naturally
see I got moonlight spilling from my mouth
So easily now
I can see you
and all the little pieces of God shining through

How you gonna win if you aint right within
How you gonna win if you aint right within
Be gentle on your heart and even softer on your skin
Spirits gon give you strength so you can keep on wanderin

How you gonna win if you ain’t right within
How you gonna win if you aint right within
You’re magic baby girl
got this love light divine
You’re magic baby girl
don’t you see how you shine?
You’re magic baby girl, yes you are
you’re magic

Look at the light
standing before ya
as you stand in that 8x8 mirrored foyer
I wanna see the life that I know is before ya
I don’t wanna toy ya
I wanna take my time get to know ya
I wanna travel on my pathways
get to know me backways and forward
wanna be patient
wanna write a forward and prologue and epilogue and shit
I’m tryna love me long time
Chapter 1 to 36
(What are you waiting for?)
I know my nooks
and I know my crannies
I love me like my granny
I love me like granny apples
See how complex you are like swimming in the dead sea
while tryna say the alphabet backwards
Baby girl I notice you
noticing me all in lotus pose
thighs to feet
levitating like you imitating me
divine love
divine OG
baby girl you GO and add a D
baby girl you glow so naturally
you so based like can you cook for me
Let me see you Betty Crocker
crockpot your magic
lemme see you Potter
oh my god you so magic

You have all the light you’ll ever need
seeing God in you and seeing God in me
(repeat 3x)


from Divine Love EP, released March 21, 2016



all rights reserved


TASHA Chicago, Illinois

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