Divine Love EP

by Tasha

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Madi Pignetti
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Madi Pignetti this album is exactly what i needed in my life right now! chill yet powerful reclamation of black women bodies and love Favorite track: (We Got) Power (feat. Ethos).
sara thumbnail
sara Beautiful. Badass. Empowering. Complete bliss. Favorite track: Snacks.
Tom Whalley
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Tom Whalley Remember that bit in Boyz in the Hood, when Laurence Fishburne hears Ooh Child, playing on the radio and gets really into it? This record does the same thing to me. Favorite track: Divine Love (feat. KB).
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AcidPanda on repeat 24/7
Liam Arun
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Liam Arun beautiful love vibes, honest, uplifting
dj rerun
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dj rerun TASHA is an ancestral call to fight for power in the ways that we were taught - by loving each other deeply and correcting the wrongs in the world, instead of seeking revenge. We fix shit, and TASHA stay providing the sonic backdrop. Favorite track: (We Got) Power (feat. Ethos).
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released March 21, 2016

Divine Love EP by TASHA
Released 21 March 2016

Stream on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tashavvmusic/sets/divine-love-ep

Lyrics by T. Viets-VanLear
Produced by Emperor Finch (Northfield, MN)
Mixed and Mastered by Luke Skywalker at LPZ Studios (Chicago, IL)

Featuring Timmy Rose on Keys (‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’) and Luna V White on Vocals (‘Outro’)
Album Art by Kasmos.Kari Blak
Teaser Trailer by Serena H and Frances HL
~Shoutout BYP100~


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Tasha Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Divine Love (feat. KB)
I want a song that’s gonna tell me I can love myself
but not for the purpose of being better at loving someone else
Got all this light around me but I can’t see it through this haze
of my own insecurity
This fear in me
that I can’t glow from the inside out
but naturally
see I got moonlight spilling from my mouth
So easily now
I can see you
and all the little pieces of God shining through

How you gonna win if you aint right within
How you gonna win if you aint right within
Be gentle on your heart and even softer on your skin
Spirits gon give you strength so you can keep on wanderin

How you gonna win if you ain’t right within
How you gonna win if you aint right within
You’re magic baby girl
got this love light divine
You’re magic baby girl
don’t you see how you shine?
You’re magic baby girl, yes you are
you’re magic

Look at the light
standing before ya
as you stand in that 8x8 mirrored foyer
I wanna see the life that I know is before ya
I don’t wanna toy ya
I wanna take my time get to know ya
I wanna travel on my pathways
get to know me backways and forward
wanna be patient
wanna write a forward and prologue and epilogue and shit
I’m tryna love me long time
Chapter 1 to 36
(What are you waiting for?)
I know my nooks
and I know my crannies
I love me like my granny
I love me like granny apples
See how complex you are like swimming in the dead sea
while tryna say the alphabet backwards
Baby girl I notice you
noticing me all in lotus pose
thighs to feet
levitating like you imitating me
divine love
divine OG
baby girl you GO and add a D
baby girl you glow so naturally
you so based like can you cook for me
Let me see you Betty Crocker
crockpot your magic
lemme see you Potter
oh my god you so magic

You have all the light you’ll ever need
seeing God in you and seeing God in me
(repeat 3x)
Track Name: Snacks
I love you
No what I mean to say is
I really really really really like you
No what I mean to say is
when the sun beats down right across your face
it’s a really good way for me to forget the day ahead of me
I’m not sure
No what I mean to say is
this feels different than all the times before
No what I mean to say is
it’s the way you sigh out the sounds of my name
again and again just the same

I’m not worried I promise nothings wrong
Smile so special got me singing all night long
Sleepy, silly this girl can’t keep her cool
‘round this kind of magic can’t be nothing but a fool
(for your love)

What I mean to say dear, is maybe you can stay here
doesn’t have to be forever things just feel a little more clear
with you around
Lets go out and dance
or maybe take a nap
don’t bother with that extra stuff just come over and eat a couple snacks one day
help me clean my room, we can get away
Get away from the strife and the trouble
we can get away
Get away from all this cold we can cuddle
we can get away, get away
Track Name: (We Got) Power (feat. Ethos)
Ride that whip on over to me
haven’t seen you in a minute homie all the possibilities we got
to make this world shine
You and I
we are infinite come sit with it
feel those vibrations
feel how we radiate that hope and salvation
babies be depending on us we finna save them
liberate them
rid this world of all subjugation

We got power
We got power
We got power
Black power
(repeat 2x)

And we got love

They try to make us hate each other
They try to make us hate ourselves
But we be fighting strong together
ancestors watching on, they watching on forever
They can’t take away our love
They can’t take away our creativity
They can’t take away our resilience
Our ability to rise up defy all reality


This a Black familial act
bursting with raw melanin from freedom feet to nigga naps
Our energy frequencies infinite
we the beginning middle and the end
middle passage in our stomachs built the country on our backs
Hips, lips, thighs remind me of Black Girl Magic
passion power to the people in our earth-toned fashion
got a spiritual attachment
sacred sun-kissed skin
booming rhythm
seeping through us
Ancestors smiling we some Black love warriors
innovative anti-system ain’t no controlling us
resourceful, hyper vulnerable
in tune with the Earth and the spirits that’s informing us
to pimp a butterfly everyting’ll turn out glorious
Love locs and box braids sage burning on the stereo
sit firm with our roots
give all praises to above
Black is human
Black Power
most important
Black Love


I believe that we will win
I believe that we will win

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